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pmicro launched pl51 Series 003 product line

Edit:Ju Yuan Wei Views:861 Date:2021.05.20

Recently, our company launched pl51 Series 003 product line with ADC function, integrated real EEPROM microcontroller and built-in high-performance single cycle et8051 core. This series of chips has up to 18 bidirectional general-purpose I / OS, It supports 15 interrupt sources (including 2 external interrupts) and has 4 interrupt priorities. In order to improve reliability and reduce cost, the chip has built-in reliable watchdog timer (WDT), low voltage detection (LPD) and low voltage reset (LVR) function module. Excellent anti-interference and ESD protection ensure that the single chip microcomputer can operate reliably in the harsh electromagnetic interference environment. At the same time, it provides rich communication interfaces, which can be widely used in small household appliances, touch keys, robots, touch audio, touch razors, electric toothbrushes, led effect lights, battery charging management, wireless charging, automotive instruments, etc There are two areas.


Take pl51a003t20 as an example

High frequency and low frequency oscillators are integrated in this series of chips, which has the ability to dynamically switch between different working modes, so as to optimize the operation of microcontroller and reduce power consumption. In order to reduce power consumption, it can work in three low-power modes: Green idle mode, stop mode and sleep sleep mode; In low-power mode, it supports quick keyboard wake-up. The chip has built-in complete UART0, uart1, SPI and I2C interfaces to provide designers with an interface to communicate with external hardware. In terms of memory, in addition to 16K bytes of flash program memory, it also includes a 256 bytes of RAM data memory, 1K bytes of xram data memory and 256 bytes of true EEPROM memory. The read control authority of program area and data area can be configured, and the code of program area is encrypted and scrambled for storage, so as to protect user programs and data with high security level. It supports the ICP function of on-chip programming, and users can directly upgrade the code of program area and data area on the application board. It supports ICD function debugging on the chip, and users can debug programs directly on the application board. For the convenience of users, Juyuan micro provides online debugging burner and offline batch burner.

The product selection is shown in the table below